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With changeable alpine weather and variable daytime temperatures, be sure to check Winter Park’s climate conditions and weather reports before heading out for rest, relaxation, and recreation in the mountains.


Expect snowfall and temperatures in the 20s and 30s until at least early May. Winds here are higher than the US average however expect spring winds to die down after April, which is Winter Park’s breeziest month. Average daytime temperatures range from a low of 20 degrees F to a high of 50 degrees F.


Winter Park enjoys a moderate climate so expect slightly cooler temperatures here during summer. Average daytime summer temperatures range between 50 and 60 degree F with July topping out as Winter Park’s warmest month, averaging 61 degrees F. Humidity levels range between 60% and 70% so expect comfortable daytime temperatures with cooler evenings. Winds also drop during the summer months so if you love fly fishing your best casing might be done in July or August. The occasional season thunderstorm is the norm this time of year.


Autumn sees Winter Park’s temperatures dipping back down between 40 degrees and 50 degrees in September and October and back down into the 30s by November. The average wind speed picks back up and you can start to expect snow by the end of September.


Winter Park’s cold winter temperatures and snowfall make it a great location for cold-weather sports such as downhill and cross-country skiing. Snowfall is steady for December and January and then takes a leap in February and March. Bring warm clothes for this time of year and be sure to hydrate as the cold temperatures and higher elevation can dehydrate you quickly.

Throughout the Year

  • Always check the Winter Park, Colorado weather forecast before heading out.
  • Be prepared for changeable weather year-round. Temperatures may fluctuate 20 degrees between day and night so bring a jacket for the evenings.
  • Always carry rain gear and an extra warm layer when recreating outdoors.
  • Layer your clothing. Wear a breathable wicking shirt next to your skin to keep you dry.
  • Wear shoes with good ankle support and tread for hiking. Warm boots, hats, and gloves are a must during the winter months.

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