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Consider Winter Park, Colorado and its surrounding areas a playground for all ages!  From world-class skiing and music concerts to hiking through national forests, there's something to inspire everyone.

The Winter Park area offers an unbelievable array of opportunities sure to please most everyone!  Its natural beauty and multitude of unique outdoor and indoor activities, combined with local hospitality, has made it one of the most sought-after vacation spots in Colorado. 

Winter Park Ski Resort

With 3,060 skiable acres consisting of 143 trails and 1,212 off-piste terrain, and impressive mountain vistas it's no wonder this resort is often dubbed as "Colorado's Favorite."  Just 67 miles from Denver, this ski resort opens in mid-November and closes in mid-April.  An Intrawest Village, with boutiques and restaurants, graces the Base and guests can take advantage of the many activities, summer or winter.

The Amaze'n Human Maze

Race against time through this wooden labyrinth located at the Base of the Winter Park Ski Resort during its summer season.  Compete against a partner or just the clock as you race to find four checkpoints despite dead-ends and crazy zig-zags.  Beat the clock and win a prize! 

History & Museums

The Winter Park area has a rich and colorful history; the native americans, mountain men, early settlers & railroad pioneers should be thanked for their tenacious and spirited endeavors, enabling them to carve a beautiful county out of untouched wilderness. Visit the many historic sites and museums that are sprinkled throughout the county.

Scenic Drives

US Highway 40 runs through Grand County, winding through each quaint town, from Winter Park to Kremmling, and then Highway 34 branches off from Granby; take that and drive by the lakes on the way to Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Lots of county roads veer off of these main routes, offering countless sightseeing opportunities. 

Granby Ranch Ski Resort

Located just 23 miles from Winter Park, this ski resort in Granby is a haven for beginner and intermediate skiers alike.  The season starts in mid-December and closes in early April; the 7 Trails Grille is in the base lodge, offering everything from pizza to gourmet cuisine.

Nature & Outdoors

No matter the season, you'll be in awe of the natural beauty of the area and the wide selection of activities; horseback riding, rafting, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, biking, fishing, alpine slide and gondola rides, sightseeing and the list goes on and on.  

Rocky Mountain National Park

This national treasure is the highest national park in the U.S, with elevations spanning 7860' to 14,259', and it boasts 150 lakes and 60 peaks over 12,000 ft. This park offers a variety of options for camping, hiking and sightseeing, and it is a wildlife-lover's dream, given that this wilderness is home to a wide range of animals, including bighorn sheep, elk, eagles, moose, and cougars.  Its west entrance is only a short drive from the town of Grand Lake.

Lakes, Rivers & Falls

Water, water everywhere!  Grand County is a fishing and boating destination, with three major lakes (Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake), and the Fraser River is a major presence along many trails throughout the Winter Park area, not to mention the headwaters of the Colorado River that begin in Granby. Reservoirs, natural mountain streams and other lakes abound around the county.

YMCA of the Rockies

Just 12 miles from Winter Park, Snow Mountain Ranch offers affordable lodging amid nature, from lodge rooms and cabins to RV spots, and with more than 5,000 acres to explore, including on-site activities (mini-gold, indoor pool and climbing gym, etc.), it's a popular site for locals and visitors alike.  Groups of all sizes are welcome, as the Snow Mountain Ranch can accommodate up to 2,500 people.  

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