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Granby, Colorado, is a small town located in the Rocky Mountains.  It sits quite high up, perched atop the side of a mountain, offering visitors and locals some of the most incredible views, combined with a wealth of exciting activities for young and old alike.

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The Rocky Mountains is home to the high level, mountainous town of Granby.  It is a fun and inspiring destination with a wonderful climate, great atmosphere and excellent location, not far from the state capitol of Denver.  In fact, sitting at over seven thousand feet above sea level, the town draws in thousands of visitors annually with a broad selection of activities for all ages.

Despite its location, Granby is a ranching community that has grown considerably because of tourism.  It is truly one of Colorado’s hidden secrets, providing adventure throughout the year with outdoor sports, water sports and music type festivals.  There are three main golf courses located nearby with public and private games available.  For those who enjoy hiking and water skiing, Lake Granby, which is located close by, offers great and safe summer fun.  Other popular activities include wildlife watching as Granby is home to herds of moose and elk.  Each weekend, Granby hosts its own home-grown rodeo with local and country talents battling for top prizes.

Horse riding is another firm Granby favorite with over nine stables waiting to lead visitors along the many Granby trails.  Whitewater rafting is also popular with two locations at nearby rivers.  During the winter months, Granby is a haven for skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers.

Granby is easy to reach, just 1 hour from Denver.  Drivers can enter the town via Highway 40 and the Berthoud Pass.  Granby also has its own train station with two daily trains coming in from across the state.  Airport shuttle buses also provide trips to Granby from its regional airport and as far away as Denver International.

Granby is a stunning town with incredible scenery.  It has varied outdoor activities that can make any vacation memorable.  Best of all, it is easy to reach and just waiting to shower its visitors with its warmth and hospitality.