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Hot Sulphur Springs

The quaint town of Hot Sulphur Springs is located within Grand County is an area that is home to unique recreation and fine resorts. Read More

  • Hot Sulphur Days at the Grand County Museum includes a family oriented event includes living history performances, museum tours, and other events for all ages. 
  • Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa – 20 mineral hot pools (indoor and outdoor), private baths, spa services, and swimming pool 


The town of Hot Sulphur Springs was named for the hot springs that line the canyon along the stretch of the upper Colorado River. First visited by passing Ute and Arapaho hunting parties who called the area “big medicine”, it is now a popular resort community.


Located 1 hour and 45 minutes from Denver, Hot Sulpher Springs is located within Grand County’s entertainment area. The Springs are only 30 minutes west of Winter Park Ski Area (Colorado’s busiest ski area).


Hot Sulphur Springs has services and amenities at a world-class level. There are numerous bed and breakfasts and historic resorts to choose from while lodging and enjoying Hot Sulphur Springs.


Due to its idyllic mountain setting, Hot Sulphur Springs is a popular destination for hiking, biking, camping and fishing along the famous Colorado River.

In the warmer months, the springs are located near 4 golf courses as well as rafting and horseback riding.


Hot Sulphur Springs not only boasts a close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park but also the hot springs that made Hot Sulphur Springs renowned.