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Book an airline ticket to Denver International Airport or land your own small aircraft at Granby-Grand County airport for easy access to Winter Park. Read More

  • DIA is located 90 miles east of Winter Park. 
  • Grand County – Granby Airport is a public airport located 20 miles north of Winter Park. 

Denver International Airport

This bustling domestic and international airport is a major gateway for air travel between the east and west coast with multiple commercial flights leaving on a daily basis.

  • Airport Code: DIA
  • Location: DIA is located at 8500 Pena Blvd in northeast Denver, just one hour and 40 minutes east of Winter Park. Follow I-70 W and US-40 W for 90 miles to reach Winter Park from DIA.
  • Airlines: Denver International Airport is the hub for United Airlines and Frontier Airlines and serves the following additional 21 airline companies: Airtran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Champion Air, Continental Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Great Lakes Airlines, Horizon Air, jetBlue Airways, Lufthansa, Mesa Airlines, Mexicana, and Midwest Airlines
  • Airport Services: A range of airport services are available at DIA including food choices ranging from fine wine and truffles to burgers and beers, 50 shops including boutiques, galleries and gift areas, and other essential services including postal delivery, battery charging stations, money exchanges, ATMS, restrooms and 40,000 parking spaces. Use Pike Peak's Shuttle Service for access to Jeppesen Terminal.
  • Getting To/From the Airport:
    Always check to see if your Winter Park accommodation facility offers free shuttle service to DIA.
    Taxis, limos, shuttles, rental cars and buses arrive and depart daily between DIA and Winter Park.
    Consider sharing a shuttle with friends and family members. Prices average between $300 - $700 but are manageable when split between a large group.
    Try Denver’s new QuickPark service which includes many perks.
    Use DIA’s 45-minute waiting area when you pick up arriving passengers.
    Amtrak services also run from Denver to Fraser, CO and Denver to Granby, CO ($41 average price for one-way travel.)

Grand County – Granby Airport

This publically-owned regional airport is located just 20 miles and 30 minutes north of Winter Park and is open for use by small aircrafts and light jets.

  • Airport Code: GNB
  • Location: GNB is located just east of US-40 near the town of Granby, CO. Simply travel 20 miles south on US-40 E to reach Winter Park from the airport.
  • Airlines: No commercial airlines serve GNB however it provides close and easy access to Winter Park for those who own their own small jet or aircraft.
  • Airport Services: 24- hour self service fueling (JetA and Avgas), hangar service (currently full), and runways are plowed by the county at no extra charge.
  • Getting To/From the Airport:
    Always check to see if your Winter Park accommodation facility offers free shuttle service to GNB.
    Ground transportation options from GNB include car rental (Avalanche), private shuttle service, and taxi service.