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Mountain Driving

Mountain Driving, though often picturesque, can sometimes be tricky year-round, but by remembering a few tips, you should have no problems arriving to your destination safe and sound. Read More

Here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Look for rocks and wildlife on the roadway - keeping your eyes on the road itself is paramount; you can always stop periodically if you want to take advantage of the views.
  • Sharp twists and turns inherent in the road paired with high speeds are deadly combos, especially in the winter months. Drive the speed limit. This is especially important if you have never driven the road before.
  • Check your tires - if they're bald (worn tread) and/or do not have the correct amount of air pressure, you can lose control of your vehicle on loose gravel, ice and/or hard-packed snow.
  • Tailgating should be prevented since conditions may prevent you from being able to stop quickly; mountain roads are commonly narrow, so often there's not a lot of wriggle room beyond the lane that you're driving within.
  • Quick movements of the wheel should be prohibited, especially in the winter, because once your trajectory quickly changes on subpar conditions, you may inadvertently steer your vehicle into a dangerous situation (into oncoming traffic, off cliffs, into ditches, etc.).
  • If your vehicle has 4-wheel drive, that does not mean it's invincible; road conditions may influence how your vehicle handles the road, so use caution and be cognizant of your speed.