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The Winter Park area's prime location within the Rockies offers easy access to many national forests and wilderness areas, including the famous Rocky Mountain National Park.

Arapaho National Forest

Established by President Roosevelt in 1908, this national forest is largely located near the Winter Park area, offering numerous hiking and camping options.

Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

Known for its jagged peaks, glaciers and many glacier-fed lakes, this extensive wilderness area has the Continental Divide cutting right through the middle and nearly 3,000 of its over 76,000 acres are found within Rocky Mountain National Park.

Vasquez Wilderness Area

Designated in 1993 by the US Congress, this area consists of over 12,000 acres and offers many of its trails above timberline, making for impressive views.

Byers Peak Wilderness Area

A special area within the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, it features forests, tundras and two peaks over 12,000 ft.; Byers Peak, the highest of the two, is a prominent peak seen from most anywhere in the Winter Park area.

Rocky Mountain National Park

A visit to Colorado is not complete until you have visited this famous national park! Sightseeing, camping and hiking through this pristine park will have you marveling over its majestic beauty.

Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls

Interested in boating, fishing or camping near a lake or river with mountains in the background? Then the Winter Park area is THE PLACE for you!

Fraser River Trail

This river meanders through the Winter Park area, allowing visitors opportunities to fish for trout or dip their feet within its coolness.

Roosevelt National Forest

Named in honor of President Roosevelt, this forest area has over 800,000 acres and it mainly stretches along the eastern side of the Continental Divide, including the north and east sides of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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