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Fraser River Trail

The Fraser River Trail is a wide, flat, 5-mile trail which runs between the Winter Park Resort and the towns of Winter Park and Fraser. It's a haven for walkers, bikers, and in-line skaters (beginners in particular) who want to enjoy the scenery without worrying about crosswalks or traffic lights. Read More

Bring the whole family to Fraser River Trail, and enjoy a terrific time!

The Fraser River Trail is a five-mile multi-use trail connecting Winter Park Resort and the towns of Winter Park and Fraser. This wide, flat trail is perfect for children, novice bikers and rollerbladers and those still getting acclimated to the elevation.

Total Trail Length: 5 miles (one way)
Elevation Gain: 550 feet
Rating: Easy
Appropriate Uses: Hiking, Biking and In-line Skating.

To go to Fraser: From the Winter Park Visitor Center, cross U.S. Highway 40 and follow the sidewalk north until you reach the paved pathway. Just outside the town of Winter Park, you can remain on the paved pathway or you can cross U.S. Highway 40 at Cozens Ranch Museum to access the unpaved portion of the Fraser River Trail. This scenic gravel trail parallels the Fraser River. The willows adjacent to the trail are a favorite hangout for moose.