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Vasquez Wilderness Area

The Vasquez Wilderness Area is located in Arapaho National Forest. The towns in the immediate vicinity of the area are: Winter Park, Georgetown, and Dillon. Read More

Vasquez Peak is one of the state's most recent wilderness areas - it is part of 100,000 acres of roadless terrain in the area. The peak includes the Byers Peak Wilderness, the Fraser Experimental Forest, and the Williams Fork - Ptarmigan Peak roadless area.

Because Vasquez Peak is so close to the Indian Peaks and Eagles Nest wilderness areas, you get to enjoy amazing views of both mountain ranges, but without the ordinary hustle and bustle you have to deal with in other places.

The wilderness area is part of the Vasquez Mountains west of Berthoud Pass and south of Winter Park Ski Area. As the elevation drops, the tundra ends and forests of krummholz, Engelmann spruce, subalpine fir, and lodgepole pine take its place. Krummholz is German for "twisted wood," which is the perfect description for these particular trees.